Ted Safford (Owner & brain trust), Tim Safford (Tree Worker & Crew Leader), Karen Safford (Office manager & all around support), David Alvarado (Maintenance), make up the team which has been working with San Diego's urban forest since 1979. We are professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. We specialize in fine pruning, sad tree rejuvenation and provide the following tree care services: 

P runing, shaping, crown reduction
T ree Removal & Stump Grinding
P alm Tree Maintenance
R oot pruning & root barrier installation
D eep root fertilization & Aeration
C abling & bracing
T ree selection & planting
D isease diagnosis & treatment
C onsultation

We primarily serve residential customers. We seek your trust & satisfaction. We promise reliable service. If we fail to satisfy or damage your property (it does happen occasionally despite the best preparation and experience), we will return promptly to make it right.